Case Studies

Installation of Wales' largest solar thermal system completed at Star Community Hub, Cardiff

Star Community Hub Kingspan Solar Thermal Array


The roof top mounted solar thermal system installed at Star Community Hub, is the largest array ever installed in Wales and is Kingspan’s largest Installed solar thermal system in the UK.

South Wales based Ecofit Energy Systems and Kingspan were involved from the early design stages of this project, working with consulting engineers Troupe Bywater & Anders to provide an integrated Solar Thermal solution for the Domestic Hot Water Supply and Pool Heating.  The Solar Array feeds 2 x 1,000 litre Kingspan Domestic Hot Water cylinders, and then automatically diverts to heat the swimming pool when the cylinders are satisfied.

The 155m2 Solar Thermal Array is made up of 1,440 evacuated vacuum tube collectors, horizontally mounted on specially designed self-ballasted low profile frames to reduce visual impact, and the tube collectors have been individually rotated to an angle of 18 degrees to face due south to maximise system output. The installed collector power is 143kw and the system is forecast to provide natural gas savings of over 7,000m3 per annum.

Installed System Power = 143kW

Energy from collector loop = 60 MWh

Natural Gas Savings pa = 7,000m3

Annual Carbon Savings = 14,875 kg

The carbon savings are equivalent to offsetting 120,000 driving miles per year, or 12 cars for every year of the 20 year life of the system. The carbon savings over the course of the 20 year life of the system would be the Equivalent of driving to the moon and back three times!!!




“As a team we were extremely satisfied with the level of service that Ecofit and Kingspan delivered on the project. From design to installation and commissioning we have been very impressed with the expertise shown. It’s worth noting that the arrays had to interface with both the building and the swimming pool and this was managed entirely by Ecofit Energy Systems”

Steven Birchenough Build Manager Willmott Dixon


“We have been very impressed by the expertise shown by Kingspan and Ecofit Energy Systems, the overall system is impressive, and the standard of installation has been very good”

Chris Beale Contracts Manager T Clarke