Ground Source Heat Pumps

ground-source-home.jpgground-source-interior.jpgGround source heat pumps use a buried ground loop which transfers heat from the ground into a building to provide space heating and, in some cases, to pre-heat domestic hot water. As well as ground source heat pumps, air source and water source heat pumps are also available.

The efficiency of a ground source heat pump system is measured by the coefficient of performance (CoP). This is the ratio of units of heat output for each unit of electricity used to drive the compressor and pump for the ground loop. Average CoP over the year, known as seasonal efficiency, is around 3-4 although some systems may produce a greater rate of efficiency.

This means that for every unit of electricity used to pump the heat, 3-4 units of heat are produced, making it an efficient way of heating a building.

ground-source-interior2.jpgHorizontal Collectors

Horizontal collectors are laid approximately 1-1.5mtrs below the surface. This is sufficient to protect the piping from frost and to maximise on the earth’s geothermal heating. The earth’s heat is transferred through a circulation circuit into the heat pump's evaporator by means of a heat carrying fluid. This fluid cools inside the heat pump and warms up again in the earth collector due to the affects of geothermal heat.

ground-source-illustration.jpgVertical Collectors

Vertical Collectors work under the same principle as the horizontal collectors. However, these collectors are embedded deep beneath the earth’s surface in singular or multiple boreholes that can be up to 150 mtrs in depth. This can be a major advantage to a customer as they do not need to get a large area of their site excavated if space is at a premium.

Supported Manufacturers Systems

The geoTHERM range of ground source heat pumps provides maximum comfort and efficiency, combined with simple installation, smooth operation and advanced diagnostics that have become synonymous with the Vaillant brand.



Dimplex Ground Source Heat Pump

Dimplex Renewables produces domestic heat pumps with outputs from 4 to 16 kW, including High Temperature models; and an extensive range of commercial heat pumps from 17 to 130 kW, including High Temperature and Reversible models.

Dimplex Renewables offers a complete range of ground source heat pump solutions to meet the majority of Customer needs, with full technical back-up across the product range.

nibe-logo.jpg NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump

NIBE produces 12 different types of ground source heat pumps, ranging from 5 kW to 60 kW that can cater for the smallest residential property to light commercial buildings. By using a cascade connection it is possible to achieve an output of 540 kW.

Your energy consumption for heating could be lowered up to 75% compared to direct electricity with the use of NIBE ground source heat pumps.


Renewable Heat Incentives

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government environmental programme that provides financial incentives to increase the uptake of Renewable Heat.
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