Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

How does mvhr work

With mechanical ventilation heat recovery fresh air, is constantly drawn into the home through a low energy heat recovery ventilation unit, which is located in the roof space. This ventilation unit will filter the incoming air as to remove pollutants and insects. Simultaneously the damp and warm air from wet rooms, such as a the bathroom is extracted and filtered through the ventilation unit, where the heat from the extracted air passes onto the fresh air. Once the air has passed through the heat exchanger inside of the ventilation power unit, the clean and warm air is distributed throughout the home via a series of ducts that run into each room.

Advantages of heat recovery

With mechanical ventilation heat recovery you will receive a benefit in winter as it will help you save on your heating bills and in summer it will reduce the need for air conditioning in your house. Through keeping excess moisture out of your home there are benefits to the building, your furniture and most importantly, your health. As well as this a heat recovery system will typically retain up to around two thirds of the heat that would normally be lost from your home via regular ventilation so ventilation heat recovery will save your energy.                                                                                                                  




To ensure comfort and a sense of well-being, the air we breathe should be clean and at the right temperature and humidity leve. Whatever the situation, Duplexvent Mechnical Ventilation with Heat Recovery solutions play a significant role to help create a healthier living environment and saving valuable energy.