Bluegen by solid power

Micro-CHP, specifically BlueGEN  by Solid Power uses natural gas from the grid to generate electricity while also using the heat created in the generation process to provide up to 200 litres of hot water every day, therefore reducing the energy required for your heating or hot water system.

The gas that BlueGEN consumes to make electricity is significantly cheaper per unit than electricity purchased from the grid, which can reduce your bills and carbon emissions by up to 50%

Fuel cell technology

BlueGEN uses innovative fuel cell technology to separate natural gas into carbon and hydrogen using an electrochemical reaction to deliver clean, controllable and on-site electricity for residential and business use


Producing Your Own electricity

BlueGEN produces electricity right where it is needed and due to its high efficiency, BlueGEN can generate more electricity from the same amount of natural gas than conventional technologies. Therefore the electricity produced with BlueGEN can be up to 50% cheaper when compared to the traditional supply from the grid.



Using Fuel Cells

BlueGen utilises the most modern ceramic fuel cell technology making it uniquely distinct to other generation technologies. Whereas conventional generators are based on internal combustion engines, 'burning' fuel to produce energy via converting kinetic energy into electric energy; BlueGEN's fuel cells use an electrochemical reaction to convert the energy stored in the fuel directly into electricity. This process is much more efficient, quiet and works without vibrations.



BlueGEN is much more efficient than the grid, and gas is much cheaper per unit than electricity, so both your bills and your carbon emissions go down by as much as 50%.